Kappa® is one of the leading brands in sportswear and lifestyle worldwide: a technical, nonconformist, colorful, flexible, competent, global, and Italian brand.

In 1956 a faulty stock of socks manufactured by Maglificio Calzaturificio Torinese (MCT), a company established by Abramo Vitale in 1916, was mistakenly distributed on the market. Retailers returned the goods and MCT, to give the product renewed strength and credibility, branded the new collection’s packaging with a “K” and the German caption “Kontroll”. From that moment customers only ordered the socks with the K – and in a short time, Kappa® became a leader in the socks and underwear market. In 1968 Kappa® further evolved following the events unfolding at the time that would change history – 23-yr-old Maurizio Vitale, the founder’s great-grandson and newly-appointed managing director, saw John Lennon interviewed on TV, wearing a military shirt belonging to a casualty of the Vietnam war. Thus he had an intuition destined to conquer a market eager for casual and unisex clothes: Maurizio Vitale had thousands of unsold T-shirts, that were lying in warehouses, dyed green and customized with military stars and insignia. It was the birth of the Robe di Kappa® brand - as the new products were called – which reached a vast target of young consumers and entered the collective imagination with the creation of the “Omini” logo – the silhouette of a young couple sitting back to back, emphasizing how the polo shirt, the new brand’s iconic item, is for both men and women.

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